Sunday, November 13, 2011

My 1st project: No Heat Waves with Sock Buns

There are so many things that I have "pinned" that I want to try out.  I decided that the first thing I'd do is create no-heat wavy hair using sock buns.  Here is the site that I pinned: How To Use A Sock To Get Beautiful Curly Hair Without Heat.  Great explanation of how to make and use the sock buns.  Visit and try!

Well, I have extremely thick hair, so we - my bestie and practically-sister, Meredith and I - decided that I would need to split my hair into two pieces and create two buns.  Mer helped me roll the socks onto my hair.  And by helped, I mean did it for me.  Here is the result!

We didn't have to hold the buns with pins or anything; they were very snug and secure!  So anyway, according to the blog that I pinned, all I had to do was sleep with these awesome Princess Leia-esque buns and unroll it the next morning. 

After a slightly restless sleep - partly due to the buns, partly due to a pinched nerve in my neck, and partly due to the sheer excitement of how adorable I would look in the morning! - I awoke and unrolled the buns.  And VOILA!

Looks great, I know!  The only thing I had to do was unroll, comb through a bit with my fingers, and clip in a barrette!  Next time, though, I am going to use a small amount of mousse, just for longer hold.  All in all, the sock buns worked exponetially better than I had thought they would!

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