Saturday, November 19, 2011

Project 5: Three T-shirt Scarves!

As my husband will tell you, I have plenty of clothes to wear.  But I hate to wear the same things over and over again.  Like any girl, I want my outfits to look new and different everyday!  That's why I love easy accessories.  We decided to try out these three scarves made from t-shirts.  Check it out here: Scarf Video.

Scarf One: Simple Infinity Scarf

Scarf one materials needed:
1. Old t-shirt of your choice color (We got ours from the local Goodwill store.)
2. Scissors

Here's what to do:

1. Cut the shirt right under the arms and cut off the bottom seam.

 2. Open the t-shirt ring and pull.

Simple as that!  You can wear this scarf a couple of ways.  Just hang around your neck and floof it out a bit.  Or twist it around your neck  twice and floof.  Fun!

Scarf Two: String Infinity Scarf

Materials needed for scarf two:
1. Old t-shirt (Again, Goodwill)
2. Scissors
Here's what to do:

1. Just like with scarf one, cut the shirt under the arms and the bottom seam.
2. This time, cut smaller strips of the t-shirt.  I cut mine about 1 1/2 inches.  Mer's was a bit smaller.

3. Once the strips are cut, open them up and pull them.

4. Gather all of the loops together.  Tie a small piece of scrap fabric around the loops.
And done!  Again, you can wear this by just hanging it around your neck, or by looping it twice.

Meredith cut a few of her loops to let some rugged edges show.  Cute!

Scarf Three: Spiral Ruffle Scarf

Materials needed for scarf three:
1. Old t-shirt (We actually used leftover jersey knit fabric from our DIY wraps!)
2. Scissors
3. 9- or 10-inch paper plate
4. Fabric glue

Here's what to do:

1. Trace as many plates as you can onto the fabric.  Try to get at least 10.  The more circles you have, the fuller your scarf will be.
2. Cut out your circles.

3. Once all of your circles are cut out, cut them into spirals.  Try to keep them between 1 and 2 inches wide.

4. Pull the spirals and run your hand over them a few times.

5. Using a small dot of fabric glue, connect two of the spirals together at the ends.  Do this for all of your spirals.  Set them aside to allow the glue to dry.
6. Once the fabric glue has dried, tie all of the spirals together with a piece of scrap fabric.

Voila!  So cute!

Wow!  So many projects just using old t-shirts!  Tune in next time for a project for all of the leftover fabric scraps: flower headbands!

Ta-ta! Amy

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