Sunday, November 13, 2011

Project two: Red Tipped Nails

After Mer rolled my hair into sock buns, we continued to look through my pinned potential Pinterest projects.  I have lots of fun nail paint pictures, many of which are far too complicated for my feeble little brain to handle.  However, Meredith is the beauty mastermind of our communal family.  She found one that she wanted to try out.  It was a fall tree limb that stretched across all of the fingernails.  My obsession with trees and love of pampering told me, "Sure! Go for it!"  Unfortunately, here's what happened:

So, we decided to start over and try again:

We continued looking through my pins to find something else, and here is what we decided upon this time: 

  ...except with red...

...and here's what we came up with!

Again, I say we.  But I really mean Meredith.

I wonder what project is next!!


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