Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Project 7: Birds' Nest Necklaces

It's getting closer to Christmas, so I searched through Pinterest to find a few DIY gift ideas for my friends.  I found the cutest little birds' nest necklaces to make, where the beads in the center represented your children.  So precious!  However, the nests looked very intricate.  But, with a can-do attitude - and a week off of work - I threw myself at this project!  Turns out, these little nests are super easy!  Check them out here at Sarah Ortega: diy {bird nest necklaces}.

So here's what you need:
1. 20 or 24 gauge jewelry wire - Don't use plain "craft wire", because it will tarnish and mar as you work with it.  I use Argentium wire from Hobby Lobby.
2. Any bead (or beads) of your choice.  Pearls are nice, since they kind of look like eggs already.
3. Needle-nose jewelry pliers
4. Jewelry wire cutters
5. Jewelry chain
6. Small jump ring mandrel

Here's how to do it:

1. Place the bead or beads onto the end of the wire.  Bend the wire over the bead to keep it in place.

2. Then begin wrapping the bead in the wire.

3. So far, so good, right?  Just keep winding the wire around the bead until you get to the desired nest size. 

4. You'll notice that the nest feels a bit loose around your bead egg.  When this happens, weave the end of the wire through the back of the nest a few times.  This will tighten up the wraps.

5. Twist the wire around the jump ring mandrel to make a small ring and the top of the nest.  This is where you will attach the nest to the chain.

6. Cut the extra wire and weave it into the nest so it doesn't scratch or hang on anything.  And there you have your cute little nest!

Just attach the nest to some jewelry chain using a jump ring and you have a beautiful, and meaningful gift!

Don't know quite yet what's up next.  Any suggestions??

Have a wonderfully happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Amy! Your blog is amazing!!!! I LOVE the headbands and the birds nest necklaces! Can't wait to see what you do next. So awesome to have a sneak peek into your life :) Miss you friend we need to get together and catch up :)